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THENGUMARADA is a sleepy village in the Nilgiris District on the banks of river Moyar, situated at the foothills of Nilgiris hills and Dhimbam Ghats. The only road that connects Thengumarada is from Bhavanisaagar and then you have to cross river Moyar to reach the village. There are around 1000 families here and the Village gets its irrigation from a nearby check dam.  Elephants visit this place regularly.

The access to Thengumarada is fantastic and beautiful. On one side of the road (some 4 Kms away) lies Bhavanisaagar dam and on the other side lies the forest.  In the morning or evening, wild animals cross this road and go to the dam for water.  It makes a beautiful jungle safari to pass through this route. The road is a very tough terrain. It is muddy, dusty, bumpy and rocky.

[Ride plan is subject to change at the discretion of the club depending on on-road situations and incidents.]

2 liters water bottle
Sun screen lotion
Toiletries (Comb, Shampoo, Tissue paper, Soap, Tooth Brush, etc)
Small Torch with new Batteries
Energy foods such as chocolates, Nutri-bars, juice packs, etc.
Shoes, Helmet, Jacket mandatory for both rider and pillion
Spares (Clutch Cable, Throttle Cable, Chain link lock, Spark Plug, Fuse, tube, etc)

FARE: Rs.1600/- Per head.

This ride includes Overnight stay in home stay, 2 breakfasts, 1 lunch and 1 dinner.

Riders should be ready to adjust in any kind of accommodation and fodd depending on the place.

Please note that this ride is limited 13 people (riders + pillions).


Ph: +91 98459 88986

Ph: +91 98453 74658

Ph: +91 97397 67146

Ride Plan

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  • Team Lead: Ròshan Manuel
  • Date: 17 August, 2013 - 18 August, 2013
  • Place: Bangalore - Thengumarada
  • Start Time: 06:00:00
  • Total Distance: 600KM
  • Ride Cost: Rs. 1600
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Ròshan Manuel
Experience: 38520 KM
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