About Us

Bangalore Motorcycle Club, passionately called as BMC is one of the oldest Motorbike club from Bangalore. This probably is the only club in the city which has been consistently riding every month since its inception in 2011. BMC is a non-profit club.

The only goal of BMC is to provide a platform for the bikers to explore this beautiful world the best way possible, which we believe is on a motorbike. Bikers across the globe has been part of this beautiful adventure exploring some of the harshest terrains and beautiful meadows.

BMC is a closely knit family which is getting bigger by the day, which consists of passionate bikers with no frills but only thrills.

It has been a beautiful journey so far, it can only get better!

How did all start!

Niranjan Prasad, whom we fondly call as 'Niri' is the president of the group, is also the founder of the group. Nirajan used to conduct rides for Royal Enfield ealier, he then parted ways and decided to start a motorbike club of his own, He then joined hands with Suren to start this club. Without contributions from biker like Surender P Velu, Karthik Gowda, Santosh Prabhu and Imran, this group wouldnt have been where it is today.

Other bikers like Anil, Vasudev, Uttam, Vishu, Roshan contribute to the club to run the show.